my morning smoothie.

by randa on November 8, 2011

feast your eyes.  now look away.  now look back.  now look away.  you may be blinded by the greatness that is my morning smoothie.  this is how i’ve been starting my days off right for the past few months now and i’m obsessed.


8 oz. organic, unsweetened plant milk {soy or almond are my faves}

8 oz. filtered water

1 scoop juice plus+ complete {not shown due to current budgetary constraints}

1-2 tbsp. whole, organic golden flaxseed {grind just before}

1-2 tbsp. brewer’s yeast

1-2 tbsp. green tea {food-grade}

1 cup organic, frozen berries

1 banana


these ingredients basically mix to make the power-house of all things healthy.  brewer’s yeast is the most concentrated form of b-vitamins {important for cell growth, maintaining healthy hair, skin, muscle tone, good immune system and energy}.  food-grade green tea gives all the antioxidants and other healthy benefits without the caffeine.  whole flax seeds, ground just before making the smoothie keep all of the dietary fiber, lignans, omega-3 fatty acids and other micronutrients from escaping, as pre-ground flax seeds can do.  buying organic fruits is a way to get the most micronutrients from the fruits as well.  feel free to add play with it a little.  add fruits you particularly like {i generally stick to blueberries, raspberries, strawberries due to their nutrient content and-let’s be honest- taste.  but i fyou like something better, go for it!}.  i sometimes add un-cooked oats {add to the first step below} for a ‘heartier’ smoothie, and it helps keep me satiated even longer.

take all these crazy-good-for-you foods, and throw them into this guy:

you don’t have to have a vita-mix to make this amazing, bestest thing to touch these lips {get your mind out of the gutter} smoothie.  but, i highly recommend it.  ’round my house, this babay is referred to as the “love machine”.  not really.  but it should be.  the name is extra fitting, too, because i’m pretty sure the huz is convinced it won’t work for no body but me.  {“i’m just a love machine, and i won’t work for no body but you”.  cheap joke.  my bad}.

if having romantic feelings for my blender is wrong, i don’t want to be right.

smoothie instructions:

1. grind flaxseeds and green tea in coffiee-grinder {or i use the magic bullet}, add to blender with plant milk, stir

2. add remaining ingredients to the love machine, blend

3. enjoy

4. have lots of energy and feel good!  and then tell me how you like it!

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1 Jenny @ The Little JBird November 15, 2011 at 10:10 am

I love smoothies and that one looks and sounds amazing!! :)


2 randa November 15, 2011 at 1:34 pm

it’s delish! it’s been a part of my morning ritual for months now and i haven’t looked back!


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